Why Dominion Graphic Arts?

Let me just come out and say it: we happen to be in an industry rife with competition. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of online vintage art stores, and we're certainly not the only ones, nor the first ones, with this passion. So we wanted to answer a simple question that is most likely on someone's mind if not on yours. Why choose Dominion Graphic Arts? What is it that makes us so special?

Well, as it turns out, there isn't only one answer, but several. Allow me to explain...

1.) Our art is meant to be expressive, esoteric, eccentric, and fun! We strongly believe that art is meant to be looked at, and not to fade into the oblivion of the background. It should inspire, spark conversation, and even provoke, (to a tasteful degree). Your environment will sparkle with an attention-grabbing work of graphic art as its centerpiece, or perhaps a eccentric gallery that turns your entire wall into a stage for sublime and far-flung drama. But if it doesn't, don't worry. The expressive nature of our art is backed by our 60-day money back guarantee.

2.) We think outside the box. Yeah, we know food and travel posters are popular, and we also know about this (rather interesting) trend of superimposing John Tenniel's illustrations over pages of text from Alice in Wonderland. People love those sorts of things, and they're actually really easy to find. But we wanted to offer something different because we didn't want to be just another food and travel poster store. We wanted to stand out by bringing something new to the table. (But, if I may make a suggestion, we do offer pieces that are at least tangentially related to food and travel. Why not try this futuristic food illustration for your kitchen, for instance?)

Three of our prints were scanned from material housed in this library. (Photo from Wikimedia commons)

3.) Just about all of our art is carefully hand picked from original source material. Nearly every single piece is sourced from original books, magazines, and sheet music of the period, either from our own vast collection or from the library (pictured above). Moreover, we try to look for individual pieces that are not commonly available from other art print stores, so you can be sure to find something that isn't easy to find elsewhere.

4.) All of our artwork has been extensively restored to its original beauty. Thanks to computer technology, we are able to reverse the aging process on these fine works of art. It's like a Botox treatment, but better! (Watch the video above to see the process for yourself.)

5.) Our blogs have tons of interesting and entertaining content. We really know our stuff, and we can regale you with all sorts of interesting tidbits, top 10 lists, stories, and more! Click here to see them for yourself.

6.) It's for a good cause. We donate 10% of what we earn to help animals and the environment. (And if that's not a good reason to choose us, I don't know what is.) Click here to learn more.