"This was my first time ordering from Dominion Graphic Arts and I was very pleased with the whole experience. My print arrived quickly and in perfect condition, despite the heavy rain we had that day, thanks to the top-notch packaging that was able to keep my print safe on its journey. The print and paper quality is great and I’m really excited to get this hung up on my wall. It’s going to look awesome! Thanks DGA!!"

-- Lee Ann F. (Rhode Island)

"I recently received my first print from Dominion Graphic Arts, Ocean Sketches, and it’s gorgeous! My overall experience with Dominion was positive too, from navigating their website to unwrapping my print from its sturdy shipping tube. The print looks great in my room and I will absolutely be coming back - for myself as well as gifts for others!
"While their products are great, one thing that makes Dominion stand out is their pledge to give back 10% (!!) of profits to environmental groups. That’s an awesome commitment, as unique as their art, and I look forward to hearing more about the 'Today, Your Dominion; Tomorrow, the World' program as the company grows."

-- Julia K. (California)

"Fantastic artwork , I haven't seen artwork like this before. Its simply divine. Every art piece is so unique and beautifully designed. This website has something for everyone."

-- Ashleigh H. (California)

"My Leyendecker print is the first thing I see when coming downstairs in the morning. It always makes me smile--even before I've had my coffee."

-- Vicki F. (California)