Top 5 Winter Themed Sheet Music Covers

The seasons are always magical in their own way, and the crisp, snowy beauty of winter is no exception. If you're just taking a break from building that extra special snowman, here are some sheet music covers to get you in the winter spirit.

For today's Gallery, we're counting down our picks for the top 5 winter themed sheet music covers:

5.) Alice, My Ice Palace Queen (1910)

This is one we just came across, and, well, let's just say the liveliness, details and color were very hard to ignore! Everything about it, from the boldness of the lettering, to the depth of perspective, to the arrestingly bright colors, shouts at you to have a look at it. You simply can't turn away from this one.

4.) Oh, You Silv'ry Bells (1912)

This piece is a lot more subtle than the last one, but we can't help loving it all the same. The depth of perspective is definitely worth mentioning, as well as the composition. The main focus is on the sleighs in the foreground, but as we continue to look at it, our eye is drawn back to the row of trees and finally to the mansion in the background. Additionally, one can easily find themselves wondering what it must have been like for those wealthy people at that time. All the money in the world, not a day of work, and basically just being able to go on a sleigh ride whenever one felt like it. It must have been quite the experience!

3.) The Dancing Mistress Valse (1912)

This piece of music was written by Lionel Monckton for the hit musical The Dancing Mistress, which tells the story of a dance instructor who gets fired, but wins the lottery and ends up moving to Switzerland.

Everything is very nicely arranged, but it's the typography that really grabs our attention. That, and also the subtle use of color, are what make this cover very pleasing to look at.


2.) Silver Sleigh Bells (1906)

Now this is a cover that makes a statement! The horses charging toward the viewer full front, the whirl of snow in the wake of the sleigh, the dramatic use of light and color, all make for an image that truly packs a punch.

E T Paull, the composer of this piece, is best known for writing music with dramatic subjects. Titles such as "The Burning of Rome," "The Battle of Nations," and "Paul Revere's Ride" are a few examples that come to mind. Although his music tends more towards playfulness, almost all his covers, with artwork by the then-prestigious A. Hoen lithograph company of Richmond, Virginia, are very dramatic, and this one is no exception. (We can't help but notice that the horses look more like they're charging into battle than going on a leisurely sleigh ride.)

1.) Winter - March Song (1910)

About a year ago, we posted this one on social media, and it was very well received. Then we wrote about the artist on this pre-launch blog post. One can easily see why this image has so much appeal. Unlike much vintage art from this period, this image doesn't conform to any sense of realism, and is instead heavily stylized. While we all love the realistic works of Gibson, Flagg, Leyendecker, and the rest, we can't help but love the nuance and originality of this cover. We love it because it's different, and different is what gets our attention every time.

Do you agree with this list? Please tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below. We'd love to hear your thoughts, as well as any ideas you might have for new blog articles down the line.

From all of us at Dominion Graphic Arts, happy winter, and stay warm.

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