Top 5 Wedding Themed Sheet Music Covers: 1897-1920

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There's nothing quite so magical as the joy of a wedding, that triumphant moment when we pledge to love someone with all our heart and soul. It's an unbreakable commitment, yet it's one that we want to make because we love someone that deeply. In that sense, it can be said that "I do" is the ultimate "I love you." Considering this, is it any wonder that we've been singing about weddings for about as long as we've been singing?

Last week, I pointed out that with great songs come great graphics, and although I was a bit hesitant to write yet another article on sheet music covers so soon after, I realized that it's probably the most fitting medium for this theme, since weddings lend themselves so perfectly to music.

For transparency, before we begin, let me start by saying that these covers aren't all directly related to weddings, and many of them explore different aspects of marriage. I did this to be more inclusive of everything that getting married entails.

Let's begin:

5.) Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out (1897): The color and the typography are what drew me to this cover to begin with, but I hate to think of any wedding being ruined by a psycho with a gun, so I can't comment too much on that. But, let me reiterate, this cover is artistically very well done. It looks like the color tinting was done with watercolor, and that's one of my favorite mediums for working with color. The typography is also very well placed and makes for great decoration, and the bell in the top right adds a nice finishing touch.

4.) The Music of Wedding Chimes (1919): Even for its time, the decorations on this cover are very old-fashioned, and they appear to take some inspiration from mid-Victorian graphic design, yet it's very effective nonetheless. I also like the limited use of color in the design, which makes it appear more subdued.

As a side note, I can't get enough of Albert Wilfred Barbelle's sheet music covers, and this is one of many examples of his utter mastery of the medium.

3.) In an Aeroplane: a Modern Honeymoon (1910): One of the best parts of a wedding is, of course, the honeymoon. (I guess I'm a bit biased, because I love to travel.) But can you imagine spending your honeymoon flying at a time when planes weren't even around for very long? What a thrill that must have been! And, yes, very modern indeed...

Just as with the last cover, the limited use of color is effective, as is the masterful use of pen and ink. The typography is also very well-executed.

2.) Here Comes the Bride: The Girl Who Stole My Lovin' Man Away (1912): It can be very sad when you've set your sights on a particular person, only to lose them to someone else. This cover hauntingly evokes the emotions surrounding such a devastating experience. Note the blurriness in the faces and clothes, which seems to suggest a dream-like vibe, hinting that the rejected girl is not quite ready to accept the reality that she will never marry her "lovin' man" as she had hoped.

Before I unveil my number one pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Anna Liza's Wedding Day (1913)

No Wedding Bells for Me (1906)

She Sold Her Soul For the Sake of Gold (1914)

1.) Feather Your Nest (1920): After all is said and done, the ultimate joy is not so much in the wedding formalities themselves, but in the peaceful, happy life the newlyweds enjoy together. This sheet music cover celebrates the start of this new beginning. The depth of field is very well done, but the typography is what mainly drew me to this cover to begin with. There's something about the boldness of it, and the orange border around the letters, that appeals to me.

That's it for this list. Which wedding themed sheet music cover do you like the best? Are there any you wish I had included? Please let me know in the comments, and, as always, have a wonderful week!

Till next time.

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  • Vicki Flora on

    I love anna liza’s wedding. The carriage carrying the newlyweds through a gold wedding band with hints of gold scattered in the picture held my eye. Thanks!

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