Top 5 Summer Magazine Covers

Summer is almost upon us! That special time of year when going to the beach and drinking lemonade is very much a thing.

Unfortunately, however, the world is in a chaotic place, and we can't enjoy our Summer the way we might normally enjoy it. To make it at least somewhat easier, I've decided to share with you my top 5 Summer magazine covers. I hope this helps...

5.) The American Girl; June, 1931: Whether you are a girl or not, you might have enjoyed activities like these at some point in your life, as they've always been favorite pastimes. Horseback riding, playing tennis, camping, and of course, swimming. All are represented here in this very intricate composition where none of the fun is left out, but all images are in balance. And of course, the minimal use of color helps to tie the composition together beautifully.

4.) Life Magazine; May 16, 1907 (Art by Henry Hutt): This may not strictly be a summer cover, but it still depicts an activity that (at least in those days) was widely enjoyed during the summer. A casual walk in the park. What's especially remarkable about this cover is the intricate use of detail throughout. No individual leaf is left unaccounted for!

3.) The Country Gentleman; August, 1931: Compared with the previous cover, what this one lacks in intricate foliage, it more than makes up for in genuine brightness and charm. The lighting and beautiful surroundings remind me of hikes I've taken in similar environments during the summer, and it makes me feel very good inside. Besides this, what better finishing touch than to have faithful Fido happily running alongside his owner?

2.) The People's Home Journal; August, 1899: Canoeing was (and still is, by some measure) a favorite summer activity, and this cover is an effective depiction of that. I especially like the use of only two colors, with one of the colors framing the main image, which is drawn in the other color. This use of color is a very effective way of drawing the viewer's eye towards the main focal point: the happy young couple in their canoe.

1.) The American Magazine; August, 1930: Sometimes less is more, and in this cover, the simplicity is what makes it such an effective composition. Your eye is drawn only to the important things. Besides this, the fluid line work and the bright and balanced colors come together to create one superb image.

Do you agree with this list? Which of these covers did you like the best? Are there other summer magazine covers you wish I had included? As always, please let me know in the comments.

Talk soon!

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