In Celebration of Color Schemes: Orange

For this blog entry, the first of many I plan (at least as many as there are colors in the rainbow,) I wanted to discuss one of my favorite topics relating to graphic art: color. These blog entries will explore various color schemes by showcasing their use in various graphic art pieces. To start with, this is a gallery of sheet music covers, posters, and book illustrations that make use of the color orange.

The graphics in this entry are either mostly made up of the color orange, or make prominent use of the color orange. I mean for them to be viewed on their own without comment, since their use of color should speak for itself.

My challenge to you, however, is that you pay close attention to the other colors that are used, how they interact with the color orange, and any other aspects of color usage you observe. I'd love to hear your observations in the comments section below.

Let's dive right into it:

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