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To begin with, let me just say, as nicely as I can: 2020 has been taken out like the trash, and we will not miss it! Not one bit!!

Whew... Now that that is off my chest, I'd like to start this entry by briefly discussing my plans for 2021.

I understand that some of you have been reading these blogs because of the juicy historical and aesthetic details I write about. (For example, last year, one of my most popular posts was this one about the Life Magazine covers of the 1910s.) I'm very gratified by how well-liked those posts are and I have no intention of stopping, but since this website is, first and foremost, a wall art store, I plan to write more articles about how vintage graphic art may be used in contemporary home decorating. There's a lot of uses for this type of artwork in a wall decorating scheme, and my intention is to show you all the possibilities so that you don't miss out on the fun!

Another thing that will most likely change this year, (although I haven't fully decided yet,) is to start a new Facebook group devoted to expressive wall decorating enthusiasts, while (possibly) retiring the old one or giving it to new management. It would be a difficult decision to make because I put a lot of effort into the group since 2018. Most of the members are interested in looking at the art without talking about how to decorate their homes with it, which isn't ideal, (although there is a possibility that many of them actually have decorated with vintage graphics before. The trick would be how to invite them to join a new conversation on that topic.) If a new group is established, I intend to announce it here, on social media, and in my newsletter.

Lastly, (and this is another decision I would need to think over quite a bit,since it would be a relatively large undertaking,) I'm considering making each newsletter more robust than they've been. Maybe including a home decorating tip, an "on this day in vintage illustration history" segment, as well as perhaps a featured artist, and a few other details. While my newsletter is well-received and is read by many, I still feel this would be an interesting way of going above and beyond.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject. Also, I do have an online survey here, so feel free to weigh in with whatever thoughts or insights you might have there as well.

I look forward to more exciting developments in 2021, (and hopefully an end to this wretched pandemic! There, I said it...)

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