Expressive Vintage Graphic Art for Your Home or Office

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Express yourself with vintage art

Dominion Graphic Arts aims to bring life, color, and spunk to your walls with some of the most expressive and dazzling vintage art around. If you want to really make a statement with your wall art, we are your go-to.

Why Dominion Graphic Arts?

Interesting, expressive, out-of-the-box art.

Nearly all of our art is sourced from original period materials.

Every piece is meticulously restored to its former glory.

10% of proceeds go towards environmentally focused charities.

We don't do boring art

If you're looking for dull, hit the back button and head to your nearest dentist's office. If, on the other hand, you want art that truly makes a statement, this is it!

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What our customers say

"The print and paper quality is great and I’m really excited to get this hung up on my wall. It’s going to look awesome! Thanks DGA!!"

-- Lee Ann F. (Rhode Island)

"The print looks great in my room and I will absolutely be coming back - for myself as well as gifts for others!"

-- Julia K. (California)

"My Leyendecker print is the first thing I see when coming downstairs in the morning. It always makes me smile--even before I've had my coffee."

-- Vicki F. (California)

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A few of our artists

Vintage with personality

It turns a head, it starts a conversation, it adds color and spunk, and it gives your home a strong sense of individuality. And the best part? It makes home decorating fun! This is our promise to you, backed by our 60-day money back guarantee.

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